Air Quality & Ventilation

Most of us in Vermont, New Hampshire and New York work in buildings with mechanical heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems. These systems are designed to provide air at comfortable temperature and humidity levels and be free of harmful concentrations of air pollutants. Ventilation is more than simply air movement within a building or the introduction of outdoor air; it is actually a combination of complex processes. These processes include bringing in outdoor air, conditioning and mixing the outdoor air with some portion of indoor air, distributing this mixed air throughout the building and exhausting some portion of the indoor air outside. Alliance Mechanical understands these complex processes and will work closely with you to ensure that your HVAC systems are properly maintained to promote indoor air quality.

How Hvac Systems Become Contaminated:

  • Low-efficiency filters, lack of a filter replacement program, and improperly sized filters can all allow particles and debris to flow into a building
  • Deterioration of the insulation duct liner. Over time, the insulation fibers are distributed and blown into occupied spaces and become an eye, nose and throat irritant for some people
  • Evaporator coils become matted with dust and dirt, which insulates the coil and significantly reduces the system’s ability to cool the air; allowing for mold growth
  • Carbon dioxide (a gas that is produced when people breathe), may accumulate in building spaces if sufficient amounts of outdoor air are not brought into and distributed throughout the building
  • Failure to properly treat the water in cooling towers to prevent growth of organisms, such as Legionella, may introduce such organisms into the HVAC supply ducts and cause serious health problems.

Why Choose Alliance Mechanical

  • We’re experts in air balance, combustible air and air quality issues
  • After we review current processes, we’ll provide recommendations for effective methods of air exchange
  • We know when existing systems are suitable, can be repaired, or when design upgrades would better increase air quality and more effectively manage your heating and cooling systems
  • We can design a tailored service program and schedule appropriate HVAC systems service